Craig washburn is a commercial advertising and editorial photographer based in texas and works worldwide.

Specializing in productions for advertising, commercial and editorial projects, clients include texas monthly, vanity fair, chevrolet, bloomberg businessweek, golf digest, men's health, volkswagen usa, verizon, fedex, bbdo, mccann-erickson (NYC), gensler and many others. we would also like to hear from you.

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Actress Denise Welch and artist Lincoln Townley for Hello! magazine UK.  Photographed at La Colombe d’Or, Houston.


Denise Welch and Lincoln Townley

Chevy trucks

Recent work for Chevrolet, shot on location in central Texas.



GSDM / Sysco

This is a fun project we did for GSD&M and Sysco with nearly 30 cast and amazing crew.



A little behind the scenes.  The intended display was on 54×9 foot semi-trailers and it was a special technical challenge to fill such a wide yet narrow area.  A standard single frame picture would only use about a third of the captured image and the remaining image would have to be stretched a great deal.  Unlike a billboard, a truck wrap has a high DPI for close viewing and even with a very high megapixel camera I was a concerned there would not be enough resolution to hold quality.

Through studio tests, our solution was to stitch 3 side by side frames together in post, captured on set with the use of lens shifts.  This gave us the right aspect ratio that allowed us to use the entire camera frame and more than doubled the usable resolution after stitching.



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The iconic Frost, commission by GHD for Endeavor


The Library

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The library at Hotel Emma, San Antonio.  Photographed for San Antonio.

Vanity Fair: Criquet

Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown, founders of Criquet golf shirts.  Photographed at the Criquet Clubhouse in Austin for Vanity Fair.  Styling by Sara Oswalt.

Criquet shirts

Texas Oil

Oil workers commission, Texas Panhandle.

Vanity Fair: Richard Linklater

The office of Richard Linklater, director of the Oscar nominated Boyhood, Dazed and Confused and others.  Photographed at Austin Studios for the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair.

The office of Richard Linklater

Texas Monthly: Ship Channel

Another aerial of the Houston Ship Channel for Texas Monthly.

Houston Ship Channel

Businessweek: United Kalavryta

New intrigue feature published in this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek on the strange journey of the oil tanker United Kalavryta, photographed from helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico.

We also shot video, graded to match the stills, featured in this Bloomberg TV piece.



United Kalavryta

United Kalavryta

United Kalavryta