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In Repose“In Repose”

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We are pleased to announce a new venture called Still-Motion.  In a nutshell, they’re still images with a moving component that adds impact to the story but without the overhead or viewer commitment that full length video has.

These aren’t GIFs.  GIFs have low color resolution and other undesirable features that limit their commercial use.  We have developed software for designers that allows full color movement with a small footprint that works in all browsers including mobile phones and tablets. For more information and examples, check out our production site.

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Paul Qui

While going through the archives, I came across these frames we shot of (now well known) chef Paul Qui at Uchiko shortly after it opened.

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Texas Monthly 40th anniversary issue

I was honored to be commissioned to shoot a portrait of the city of Houston for the 40th anniversary issue of Texas Monthly.  A few weeks ago we flew over the Houston ship channel in a helicopter to capture this image.  The setting sun filtered through the clouds just enough to give us some great light.

Update:  Prints of these are now available.  E-mail us for details.

Below are some other views.

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Austin Creative Department

Recently, Will Chau, creative director at GSD&M, asked me to speak at the Austin Creative Department art direction school about my work and the collaborative world of commercial photography.

Afterward, one of his proteges, Jon Coyle, approached me about turning some of his concept sketches into a reality.  I was happy to help, Jon is immensely talented with great visual concepts and he also handled the location acquisition and production management that went into making these happen.

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Fair Fare

It’s State Fair season again.  I’ve always been drawn to the colorful and completely unpretentious nature of carnivals – the games, the rides and of course, the food.  Here’s a new series with my take on them: Fair Fare.

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Sgt. Michael Reid

Air Force Sergeant Michael Reid and his Mopars.


Sweet rides and jet planes.  Photographed on the flight line at Randolph AFB for AutoWeek



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Something different

From a recent production…

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South by Southwest

Commission for BBDO / FedEx

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Lab work

From a recent commission by the University of Texas

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